About us        

         “RARF”,  an abbreviation of „restoration and rebuild factory”, in English meaning - restoration and repair  workshop.

We are giving your car the second LIFETIME! Unique anti-rust processing technology without analogue, so you can avoid rust problem in the long run, with excellent service quality and guarantee. Anti-rust treatment for new and used cars provides protection against corrosion for at least 5 years. We have several years of experience working with anti-rust agents, testing them and searching for the best processing technology. Such service's principal purpose is to prevent the problem in the long run.

Latvian, car anti-rust processing industry is in a lack of quality service provider that could provide the guarantee for their work.Many complaints are heard from the car owners after anti-rust treatment - that the modern car services time-saving tools eliminates this problem only for a short period of time. Latvian anti-rust treatment technology service is prone to short treatment processing time for a quick profit. Deceiving car owners....

Choosing our services, you will get a high quality materials and proper technology desired result .

     When a car arrives to receive our service, the car is put on a lift and carefully washed. It is carried out thorough investigation to determine how much time and raw materials are required for the implementation of the project. Cost of the service is dependent on the condition of the car.

To carry out such a project, we're implementing following steps: 

  • car exemption from rust (sand blasting using quartz sand), 
  • correct anti-rust treatment with rust converter, 
  • car treatment by reaction primer, 
  • applying flak protection material,
  • car bottom is processed with wax protection material, 
  • after customer's wishes - complete restoration of the car can be carried out, by disassembling and changing defected parts with new ones. .